Frogs!!! One of my favorite things....

Don't ask why, I don't know...LOL

Animated Frog Gifs - use back on your browser to return - MORE pictures below!!!!

Frog with a beating Heart: From an old friend
Leaping Frog: From DQuattle
Hungry Frog?????: From Jack... ELvira's honey
Jumping Froggy: My cutest relative!!!!
Dream Date: My sister made this one for me!!!!!
My Birthday FUN!: heehee... my sister is GOOD! LOL
Kissing Froggy: Ever get a Frog smooch??
Marilyn Frogroe??: from Jack
Saxaphone tooting Froggy!: another Jack special!
BatFrog: heehee... Jack again!

Other Frog Pictures... Use back on your browser to return

Kermit the Frog: Long Lost Relative
Another Frogina Pic: Me most of the time
Flying Frog: another cute froggy relative!
Alien Frog: One of my more traveled relatives!
Toadstool: NOT what you think
Me at Work: well... actually AFTER work, heehee
A VERY cute one!: My sister made this one!!!!!
A real one! heehee: She made this too!!!!!!
Feeling Froggy???: heehee....
Muscle Toad.... : LOL... not what you think!!!
Frog Prince: kiss for a real one?? LOL

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